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How to stop IBS ruining

your day!

I know that IBS is uncomfortable, embarrassing and distressing. But you don't need to suffer in silence anymore!


I'll use the low FODMAP diet, the best dietary treatment for IBS, to help you get rid of your symptoms and start enjoying your life again!


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Want to know the key to weight loss that lasts? The key is to ditch diets...

yes no more dieting!

Restrictive diets are hard to stick to long term and that's why they aren't the best way to lose weight. 


My 14 week weight loss programme includes everything you need to make weight loss easy and lasting: you'll get a months worth of recipes, meal plans, & other useful resources. I'll guide you through the programme through regular 2-3 weekly consultations.  You'll end the programme with improved body confidence!


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If your struggling with health conditions which can be improved with a therapeutic diet, or your just want to improve your Vegan diet or general wellness, then get in touch.

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14 Week

How to lose weight

& Keep it off!

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