Weight Loss Programme

12 Week

The Restore Nutrition 12 week Weight Loss programme will teach you how to lose weight gradually and keep it off! The key to keeping weight off is to lose weight gradually through small realistic changes, which suit your tastes and lifestyle. I'll provide you with recipes, meal plans, and resources to make it as easy as possible for you. Like many others you'll successfully finish the programme having lost weight and regained confidence.

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Resources you'll receive

Personalised Weight Loss Plan 

The weight loss plan is a list of the agreed diet, physical activity & lifestyle goals, which is emailed to you following each consultation 


Meal Plan

The 7 day Meal Plan is personalised to your preferences in our consultation. Its aim is to provide you with a structure and template to you pay find helpful to success



You’ll receive a month worth of healthy, simple, tasty recipes, designed by me to be low in calories, high in fibre, high in nutrients and taste, and easy to cook


Portion Sizes guide

Produced by the British Dietetic Association. Sets out how much to eat of each food group, useful for a healthy balanced diet


Sleep Hygiene guide

Your guide to improved sleep. Research links poor sleep to weight gain

Emotional Eating questionnaire

This tool helps you to identify whether your experiencing physical hunger or emotional hunger

Holiday tips for preventing weight gain

My top tips for helping you stay on track during holidays and special occasions

Mindful Eating guide

This helps you to become present with the activity of eating. Eating mindful can increase the pleasure of eating, enhance your awareness of the taste of your food, and help you to moderate the amount that you eat

Tips for eating in restaurants

These tips help you to still enjoy meals out, without piling on the pounds.

Setback reflection

If you've had a setback with your plan, its important to normalise this, reflect upon it, and get back on track more quickly each time. This tool aids this process

Positive Body Image activity

Self love is very important! This activity helps you to understand an appreciate the value that you have beyond what you look like.

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Lovely, professional lady and the service is well worth every penny! I sought advice after I found I was barely losing any weight … Maxine easily pinpointed the issues and set me up with a solid plan of action. J.B

What's Involved

  • It’s a 12 week evidence based weight loss programme delivered by me, a registered, qualified Dietitian

  • The aim is for gradual, realistic, sustainable weight loss of 0.5kg-1kg per week. This will be achieved through mini goals that we agree together. This approach is proven to lead to better long term weight loss than crash diets

  • Goals involve food (no diets), exercise, & lifestyle

  • To start we’ll discuss your current eating behaviours, motivations & goals. This will help shape a flexible, personalised plan, which is the best fit with your lifestyle & preferences

  • You’ll receive useful resources to help you succeed

  • We’ll have regular reviews every 1-2 weeks via online video call

  • You can choose to use self tracking apps such as ‘myfitness pal’ 

  • I don’t sell any products. I’ll teach you to make wise food choices in your weekly food shop

  • Support between consultations via email

Week 1:

Your initial consultation includes a full assessment, and

focuses on overcoming barriers preventing you from losing weight, such as emotional eating. We'll also work on strengthening your motivators for weight loss, and work on recognition of different types of hunger

Weeks 2:

Our focus is on the dietary adjustments necessary for your weight loss

Week 4: 

This session is all about meal planning. A meal plan will be emailed to you following this consultation


Week 5: 

Our focus in this session is physical activity for weight loss you can tolerate, no matter what your beginning point or ability is. Advice is also given for achieving the best calorie burn from exercise. 


Week 7: 

This session is an evaluation of your progress so far and discussion about body image


Week 9: 

Our consultation focuses on areas in need of more work such as setbacks, emotional eating, hunger, physical activity, etc


Weeks 10:

Progress review

Week 12 - Final week:

We'll discuss future steps and overcoming future challenges

Maxine was very helpful made me feel very confident in what I can achieve she was so friendly and made me feel at ease with everything …I feel like I am able to achieve my plan... thank you very much Maxine” L.A

The Benefits you'll gain

  • The ability to lose weight and keep it off

  • You’ll have improved body confidence

  • Better health outcomes

  • Coping strategies for controlling emotional eating,  overcoming barriers, cravings control, & relapse prevention

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